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For information about Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners, please check the following FAQ for possible answers. If you need further assistance, please complete the form provided next page. We will respond as soon as we can.  


Q I would like to become a dealer of Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners.
A We conduct our sales either through our own sales company or an agent, in most countries. Kindly contact them for details.
I would like to buy a Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner.
Our sales company or an agent in your country will be glad to direct you to your nearest dealer. Please contact them directly for information.
Q I want to know about your products. Could you send me a catalogue?
A Catalogues are available at our sales company or agents, or on their homepage. Please consult them regarding the availability of specifications and technical data that are not in the catalogue.
Could you give me a quote on the prices of products?
Please contact your nearest dealer, our sales company or our agents.
Whom shall I contact concerning after-sales services?
Please contact the seller of the unit that needs to be repaired.

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