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Brooks Hotel
Dublin, Ireland


Outdoor Units: PURY-250YM × 8
  (CITY MULTI R2 Series)
Indoor Units: PERY-25 × 75
Control System: MJ-100 × 2

 Points of Appeal 

Limited roof space for outdoor units was one reason for Mitsubishi Electric's CITY MULTI R2 air-conditioning systems to be installed at this 75-bedroom hotel located in the heart of the city. The ability of a small number of outdoor units to efficiently operate a large number of indoor units independently was also an important factor. Ceiling cassette units are provided in each room allowing guests to set the temperature to individual preferences.

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Le Fort de la Point
Le Croisic, France


Outdoor Units: PUHY-200YMA × 2
  (CITY MULTI Y Series)
Indoor Units: PERY-125VM × 1
  PERY-63VM × 1
  PERY-32VM × 9
  PERY-32VM × 2
Control System: MJ-100 × 1

 Points of Appeal 

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners were chosen for their quiet operation and comfortable airflow. Installation flexibility also allowed for the original architecture of the castle to be maintained, with the outdoor units being discretely placed next to the garage. Use of the MJ-100 control systems enables the temperature of each room to be controlled independently, enable each guest to set their desired room environment.

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