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GNTI Garden Building
Taipei, Taiwan


Outdoor Units: PUHY-250YM × 32
  PUHY-200YM × 2
  PUHY-J140MA × 5
  (CITY MULTI Y Series)
Indoor Units: PDFY-J90 × 18
  PDFY-J45MA × 40
  PDFY-J36MA × 52
  PDFY-J28MA × 73
  PDFY-J22MA × 4
  PDFY-J71 × 22
  PDFY-J56 × 37
  PDFY-J90 × 18
Control System: MJ-111 × 1

 Points of Appeal 

Mitsubishi Electric's CITY MULTI air conditioners were the system of choice for this luxury apartment complex in an upper-class section of the city. Some of the requirements for winning the contract included unobtrusive installation, silent operation and system performance and reliability, all well-known characteristics of Mitsubishi Electric systems.

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Villa du Sud
Cannes, France


Outdoor Units: PUHY-200YMA × 1
  (CITY MULTI Series)
Indoor Units: PERY-63VM × 1
  PERY-40VM × 1
  PERY-32VM × 4
  PERY-25VM × 2

 Points of Appeal 

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners are integrated discretely into this modern villa using ceiling concealed units and wall grilles that provide a quiet and efficient airflow. Exposure to sunlight and high temperatures due to the expansive use of large windows required a system with highly reliable performance. The compact size of the outdoor units was an added sales point, allowing inconspicuous system installation.

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