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Power Inverter Series
The highly energy-efficient Power Inverter Series has reached a new level of energy savings with the incorporation of new technologies and new body design. The side-flow configuration of the integrated outdoor unit body, a maximum piping length of 120m and replacement technologies simplify installation.

 Advanced Energy-saving Performance 
Utilizing the latest energy-saving technologies with DC inverter technology at the core, a high level of energy-saving performance is achieved. Combining the many energy-saving technologies, an "Energy Rank A" rating for both cooling and heating has been achieved.
Energy Rank (Cooling/Heating)
Energy Rank A/A 9 combinations (when connected 1:1)
Energy Rank A/A 25 combinations (when connected 1:1)

 Side-flow Outdoor Units 
All operating capacities have been unified to the side-flow configuration. Even for locations requiring large capacities, the small footprint of these outdoor units enable them to be used anywhere.

 Silent Control 
Fan speed during cooling operation is automatically reduced when the outdoor temperature drops, resulting in quiet, low-noise operation. Operating noise is reduced by 3dB, to half of the audible sound.

 3-phase Power-supply Inverter 
Incorporation of a 3-phase power supply realizes a dramatic reduction in operating current. This special technology is equipped in outdoor units to ensure compliance with electromagnetic compatibility regulations in Europe.
Operating current comparison (for combinations using 4-way ceiling cassettes)

 Long Pipe Length 
The additional refrigerant volume enables piping lengths of up to 120m(RP200/250), thereby making installation easier.
When pipe length exceeds 80m, separate power sources are required for the indoor and outdoor units. (An optional power-supply terminal kit is needed for indoor units with no power supply terminal block.)

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