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M Series

The FD Series is designed for optimum cooling/heating performance as well as operational comfort. Quiet, energy-saving operation is supported by some of Mitsubishi Electric's latest technologies. Advanced functions such as i-see Sensor temperature control and the Plasma Duo air filtering and purification system raise room comfort levels to new heights.

 High Energy Efficiency 
Power consumption has been reduced by approximately 20% for the cooling and heating modes thanks to the incorporation of our newest inverter technologies. The high energy efficiency of the Size 25 units has obtained a rating of more than 5.0 for both coefficient of performance (COP) and energy efficiency rating (EER).
Size 25 Size 35 [Energy Efficiency Comparison] Size 50

 Quiet Operation 
Minimum indoor unit operating noise has been reduced by equipping the unit with a larger blower fan that enables the motor speed to be reduced without reducing the air conditioning capacity.
Side view of MSZ-FD

 Mold Fighter 
MSZ-FD Series units are equipped with a "Mold Fighter" function designed to suppress the growth of mold spores. The plasma electrode generates ozone, which then attacks the spores and reduces growth by approximately 20%.
Mold Fighter Mechanism
Step 1
Following the use of the cooling mode, the ozone generated by the plasma electrode is distributed throughout the indoor unit in approximately 15 minutes.
Step 2
The fan is turned on, and the heat exchanger is dried in approximately 25 minutes.
Fan speed → very low

What is Ozone?
Ozone (03) is a very unstable molecule that slowly transforms itself into oxygen (02) and nascent oxygen (O). Splitting the nascent oxygen creates the oxidising ability to sterilise and deodorise.
Ozone density during the ozone shower is safe
• 0.1ppm inside indoor unit
Within the upper limit of the acceptable range for ozone gas density in work environments.
[Safety limit advised by the Japan Society for Occupational Health.]
• 0.01ppm or lower in room
Below the average ozone density in coastal or forested regions.

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