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Products: Automotive Equipment

For Ecology

Environmental Vision 2021

The Mitsubishi Electric Group established Environmental Vision 2021 to contribute to the development of a sustainable society, and is advancing initiatives to achieve a low-carbon, recycling-based society. While this vision represents the company we aim to become by the 100th anniversary of our founding in 2021, our ultimate goal is to make lasting social contributions as a leading green company.

Given people's growing awareness of the environment, the automotive industry recognizes that fuel efficiency technologies represent a key to customer satisfaction and the future of their business. As a result, the Automotive Equipment Group focuses on products that can efficiently draw out energy from the engine and products that use this energy more efficiently to meet society's needs for more fuel-efficient vehicles.

Creating a Low-carbon Society

Fuel Efficiency Technologies for Internal-combustion Engines

We are helping to make automobiles more fuel efficient through products that are compact, lightweight, and offer high performance and high efficiency such as alternators, starters, and electric power steering systems. Our idling stop-and-start systems, which link the engine control unit, transmission control unit, alternator, starter, and electric oil pump, ensure reduced fuel consumption for customers. In February 2015, our GXi alternator acquired Europe's ECO Innovation Technology certification.

Electric-powered Products Contributing to the Dissemination, Safety and Comfort of EVs/HEVs

To realize safe, comfortable automated driving cars by using advanced preventive safety technologies, we optimize Mitsubishi Electric's strengths such as semiconductor device design, circuit design, structural design, and vehicle motion control technologies. Furthermore, we aim to provide more efficient electric-powered products* that involve the collaboration of multiple technologies.

* Electric-powered products: Products that contribute to promoting the use of electricity in automobiles by having equivalent or superior functions compared to devices driven by gasoline combustion.

Main electric-powered products

Car Navigation Systems Helping to Conserve Energy

To make fuel efficiency more enjoyable for customers, we are developing and supplying car navigation systems that include a function to search for the route with the best energy savings to minimize fuel consumption, and a function to evaluate the extent to which the driver is driving in an eco-friendly manner.

Creating a Recycling-Based Society

Energy Conservation Measures

Sanda Works is located in Sanda, Hyogo Prefecture. It manufactures car multimedia, car mechatronics, and car electronic products to fulfil our concepts of comfort, safety and eco-friendliness. In 2011, the new production wing (C301) was completed. In the new wing beginning from the design stage, we are taking thorough energy-conservation measures that incorporate our technical expertise in energy conservation and include the existing wing. By adeptly combining our knowledge and the latest in energy-savingtechnologies, we have successfully cut our power consumption down to an annual level of 9.06 million kWh, despite now having more floor space and 1.5x more employees. In 2012, the Sanda Works received the Director General Prize of the Regional Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry—a major award for energy conservation.

Expanding the Rebuild Business

We are expanding our rebuild business to automotive electrical parts, such as alternators and starters. Reusing old parts involves removing them from old vehicles and then re-selling them, while recycling involves disassembling rebuilt parts after the products have reached the end of their life, refurbishing the parts that have reduced performance, and creating a recycled part by restoring the original function. We are developing this business as a system that both maintains quality similar to new products and that also contributes to preserving the environment.

Respecting Biodiversity

Efforts towards Environmental Conservation

We launched the Satoyama Woodland Preservation Project in October 2007. Under the slogan, "down-to-earth and sustainable," we will continue to pursue phased nature conservation activities that take into consideration the state of the natural environment. By encouraging our employees to play a direct part in the development of safe regional communities, we are seeking to deepen communication with local residents.

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