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Products: Automotive Equipment


Our aim is to improve quality and lower the cost of increasingly complex automobile parts. We apply cutting-edge equipment and technologies to exhaustively improve the quality, to standardize and to make more energy-efficient automobile parts throughout every process of production-from material processing to inspections of the final product-so that we can achieve greater cost performance.

Automated production lines

  • Winding machine for DC motor

  • PCB inspection line

  • HID ballast assembly line

  • Alternator assembly line

  • EPS MCU assembly line

  • Control unit assembly line

Coil winding technologies

High space factor coil winding (85% space factor stator)

By applying an original manufacturing method, Mitsubishi Electric has dramatically reduced the space occupied by the stator coil. Our method involves reshaping the stator core, which was previously annular in shape, to a flat belt, and inserting the coils, which have been formed separately through the continuous winding of copper wires into a belt inside the stator slot, from the direction of the slot opening. Additionally, by reducing the height of the coil end, we were successful in greatly reducing the resistance of the stator coil. This enables us to produce a lightweight, high-output and high-efficiency stator coil.

Alternator Stator manufacturing technologies

Mounting technologies

Developing envir

Surface mounting

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High-speed chip mounter

Cold forging technologies

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