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Body Control Products (Vehicle Total Management Products)

Airbag Control Unit/Sensor


These are sensor and control unit to detect collision and control airbag ignition to protect passengers from collision impact.


Three types of models (M8L/M8M/M8H) are available as optimum fit (compatible mounting and cost-minimum) to vehicle system structure.

  • Compact & lightweight ECU with various functions
  • High performance collision detection algorism
  • High quality, high reliability and low cost
  • Comply with automotive functional safety standard (ISO26262)
  • Maximum 15 airbags/pre-tensioners ignition can be controlled.
  • Ignition control can work together with passenger seat airbag cut-off switch, seat belt wearing condition and seat position.
  • Communication with electronic front/side-impact sensors (PS15)
  • Collision signal can be sent for door unlock and emergency call system (eCall) .
  • Compliant with airbag disposal program (ISO26021)

Airbag Control Unit

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