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Car Blu-ray Disc™ Player


This blu-ray disc player has dedicated connection with Mitsubishi Electric’s car navigation system and high precision image reproduction is feasible in the vehicle.


Corresponding to the various media and video & audio formats

  • Correspond to reproduce various media and record format for not only blu-ray disc but also home-recorded DVDR/RW with AVCREC/AVCHD format and CD/SD-card recorded with MP3/WMA/AAC/JPEG format.
  • “BD-J simple continuation play” function is equipped. In case of power-off blu-ray disc player during play, continuation play (resume play) enable to restart video at the point of stop.
  • Correspond to “BONUSVIEW” such as PinP (Picture in picture) .

Stable audio-visual play even in the severe vehicle environment is feasible.

  • Due to the application of automotive grade pick-up, even in case of driving high vibration road, image reproduction without no interruption is feasible.

Car Blu-ray Disc™ Player

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