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Car Navigation System


The Mitsubishi Electric car navigation system serves as an in-car infotainment device that provides navigational information and entertainment for a more comfortable driving experience.


Functions for enjoying music
  • DIATONE's unique multi-way time alignment function creates sound so real that it sounds as if the vocalist were singing right in the center of your dashboard.
  • Compatible up to 192 kHz/24 bit for both WAV and FLAC formatted files, delivering a broader range of high-resolution music you can enjoy.*Audio output is downsampled to 44.1 kHz/24 bit.
  • DIATONE's real measurement circuit technology reduces noise via a unique measurement that provides for constant circuit optimization for music that is even more realistic.
  • The original pure analog content playback feature optimizes the analog input circuit for a huge improvement in sound quality in playback with portable audio devices.
    *NR-MZ300PREMI only
  • A premium grade external output amplifier features a state-of-the-art, high-quality sound, high-performance semiconductor device that was developed for recording studio equipment. The result is a greatly enhanced sound quality in a high-end system due to an improvement in common-mode noise cancelation that is 30 times better than the conventional model.
    *NR-MZ300PREMI only
  • A multi-NFB pure transmission buffer amplifier cancels out the transmission noise and influence of load fluctuation between the reference grounds of the external output and DAC. The result is a dramatic improvement in sound quality when using an external amp.
    *NR-MZ200PREMI-2 only
Navigation functions
  • The R-Car H1 automotive SoC is equipped with a high-performance quad-core CPU for faster booting, faster searching, and smoother operation like that of smartphones.
  • Compatible with the VICS WIDE, a new information service that doubles the transmission capacity of FM multiplex broadcasting. This service provides real-time, detailed traffic information enabling such amenities as detour routes to avoid traffic jams as well as the ability to search for the most comfortable route, assisting in a safe and comfortable driving experience.
  • Compatible with TSPS (traffic signal prediction systems) that use advanced light beacons. The navigation system can use TSPS information to display how much time is left until the light will change when you are waiting at a red light in an intersection, thereby providing for a smoother driving experience.
    *Only works when connected to Mitsubishi Electric’s EP-B016SRBW/EP-B016SRBD ETC 2.0 unit
  • In addition to the built-in speech recognition made popular by the MZ200 series, this navigation system can also connect to the cloud. The combined benefit of using two different methods of speech recognition makes it possible to search for points of interest and perform various navigation operations using natural, conversational communication.
    *NR-MZ300PREMI only
    *NR-MZ200PREMI-2 is only equipped with built-in speech recognition.
  • Equipped with a news reader that makes it possible to acquire various information using audio commands. An original AI technology enables the extraction of important sentences from the news and the creation of a summary that is read aloud to you while you drive.
    *NR-MZ300PREMI only
  • When connected to GS-300 (current name), a quasi-zenith satellite receiver, it is possible to receive a positioning information signal from a quasi-zenith satellite. This makes it possible to detect route display and guidance with lane-level accuracy on highways, as well as detect and warn of cars driving the wrong-way, which has been a problem of late, providing for a safer and securer driving experience.
    *NR-MZ300PREMI only
    *The GS-300 (current name) quasi-zenith satellite receiver is an option that is expected go on sale in the spring of 2018.

Car Navigation System


Car Navigation System

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