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Car navigation system provides information for driving with comfort and entertainment.


Functions to enjoy listening to music:
  • With 32 bit high precision and high quality sound D/A converter, reproducible information of sound becomes 256 times from conventional car audio. Unheard sound before is now audible closely.
  • 64 bit calculation core and adjustable FIR (finite impulse response) DSP (digital signal processing) are equipped and sound signal to speaker is adjusted as optimum condition. With unrivaled and overwhelming high precision calculation processing, reproduce clear sound quality even fine sound.
  • With multi-way time alignment, real sound like vocal is singing at the center of dashboard can be realized.
  • Simple pre-set functions are equipped and any kinds of car can be set-up good sound readily.
  • Not only iPod and iPhone but also CD, DVD, USB memory, SD/SDHC card and broad range of media are corresponded. In addition, Bluetooth ™ Audio is also corresponded and commonly-used various media and sound source can be used in the car.
Functions for navigation:
  • With easy-to-read and friendly simple map, even first driving road is safely and comfortably navigated.
  • Cooperation with smartphone enables to search easily where wants to go and direct setup of destination to car navigation is feasible.
  • Optimum route for fuel economy vane be searched easily and support eco-driving.
  • Safety and comfort support functions such as parking assist and lane assist are equipped.
  • ITS spot service is corresponded and provide timely information to driver and support driving.

Car Navigation System DIATONE SOUND NAVI

Car Navigation System DIATONE SOUND NAVI

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