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In-vehicle ETC unit / In-vehicle DSRC unit (ETC 2.0)


ETC unit in car and road-side antenna make a wireless communication and toll information is exchanged, so vehicle with ETC unit can pass the toll gate of motor way without stop.
DSRC (ETC2.0) unit can receive wide-area road traffic information, road information of travelling direction and merging traffic support information in addition to ETC functions.


  • Realize high speed and high reliability communication technologiy as total system including road-side equipment.
  • Round form to fit into the interior
  • Compact size without space
  • Flexible installation location such as underfoot of driver’s seat and inside of glove box
  • DSRC (ETC2.0) unit realizes safety drive support with utilization of ETC2.0 service
  • DSRC (ETC2.0) unit are under study to realize information provider service on the highway, settlement service at parking and drive-through and route-based discount service with utilization of ETC2.0 service.

In-vehicle ETC Unit

In-vehicle DSRC Unit (ETC 2.0)

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