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In-vehicle ETC unit / In-vehicle ETC 2.0 unit


The in-vehicle ETC unit enables wireless communication between the unit mounted in the car and the roadside antennas to communicate fee information, thereby making it possible to pass through the tollgates without stopping.

The in-vehicle ETC 2.0 unit includes such conventional ETC functions, but is also capable of receiving the wide-area road traffic info, upcoming road information, merge support information, and support information in the event of a disaster. In addition, there is a special highway toll discount granted for ETC 2.0 units.


  • High-quality, sophisticated design
  • Compact size that doesn't take up space
  • Can be installed nearly anywhere (base of driver’s seat, in glovebox, etc.)
  • ETC 2.0 units provide safe driving support with utilization of ETC2.0 service
  • ETC 2.0 (EP-B016SRBW/EP-B016SRBD) units display traffic signal info to assist in safe and smooth driving
    *A function that works in the navigation when connected to NR-MZ300PREMI-2/NR-MZ300PREMI/NR-MZ200PREMI-2/NR-MZ200PREMI/NR-MZ200 navigation models.
In-vehicle ETC Unit

In-vehicle ETC Unit

In-vehicle ETC 2.0 Unit

In-vehicle ETC 2.0 Unit

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