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Fuel Pump Module


Fuel pump module is located in a fuel tank and supplies fuel to the engine. Inside it has a fuel gauge to detect the remaining amount of fuel, pressure regulator to keep a constant pressure in the fuel pipe, and fuel filter to eliminate contamination in the fuel.


Compact and lightweight design with low power consumption contributes to fuel economy improvements on automotive and medium/large-sized motorcycle applications.

< For automobiles >
The main body of pump is covered with resin bracket and rubber parts to reduce transmission of noise to the vehicle.

< For medium/large size motorcycles >
Top-class compact and lightweight design by miniaturization of the main body, use of resin mounting flange and optimum layout of functional components, makes installation to the fuel tank easy.

Fuel Pump Module(for automobiles)

Fuel Pump Module
(for automobiles)

Fuel Pump Module
(for motorcycles)

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