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Gasoline Engine Control Unit


Gasoline Engine Control Unit (ENG-ECU) is used for fuel injection control of gasoline engines.


Mitsubishi Electric offers cost-effective ENG-ECU with compact and lightweight design, contributing to easy installation, system cost saving, vehicle weight reduction and better fuel economy.

  1. Compact and lightweight
    - ENG-ECU installed in vehicle cabin
    Molded plastic housing with integrated mounting flange and inserted connector
    - ENG-ECU installed in engine room
    Waterproof structure for installation in engine room
    Press-formed aluminum housing (cover, base)
  2. In-house developed system LSI
    Optimum system LSI for engine control developed in-house with less components and cost
    ・Built-in power supply functions
    ・Built-in actuator drive elements
    ・Built-in microcomputer monitoring functions

Gasoline Engine Control Unit (cabin-mount)

Gasoline Engine Control Unit (engine room-mount)

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