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Ignition Coil


Ignition coil is a device to convert the low battery voltage to the high voltage required to discharge electric sparks at ignition plug.
Utilizing our technical know-how in coil structural design and semiconductor devices, Mitsubishi Electric produces plug-top ignition coils that are compact, powerful and advanced.
Its ion current detection system detects ion current between ignition plug electrodes in cylinder generated at the time of ignition and determines the combustion state of each cylinder from ion current waves. This information is communicated to engine control unit to provide optimum combustion control.
Ignition coil transfers from low battery voltage to high voltage so that spark discharge is possible at spark plug.



  • Compact and lightweight for easy installation
  • High voltage & high energy for high-compression engines
  • Ion current detection system to enable combustion state feedback

Ignition Coil

Ignition Coil
(ion current detection function)

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