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Port Fuel Injection (PFI) injector is electromagnetic-drive injection valve to supply precisely fuel to the air intake port of engine.


  • EV14
    ・Various mounting designs for high installation flexibility
    ・Compatible with both single and dual injection systems
    ・Atomization of spray reduced the particle diameter (SMD) to 50μm (single) and 40μm (dual) for better combustion performance.
    ・Lightweight movable part (needle valve) for low operation noise (by 3dB from our conventional model)
  • EV6-CC
    ・Flexible installation, with compact main body and Extended type (Long end)
    ・Lightweight movable part (needle valve) for high flow dynamic range (20% higher than our conventional model) and low operation noise (-3dB from our conventional model)
    ・Various spray patterns (38 patterns)
  • CS
    ・For small displacement engines, the main body with miniaturized electromechanical structure is even more compact than EV6-CC.
    ・Lightweight movable part for low operation noise (-2dB from EV6-CC)

PFI Injector (EV14)

PFI Injector (EV6-CC)

PFI Injector (CS)

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