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Motor (Under Development)


Motor is mounted on electrified vehicles such as HEV and EV to drive the vehicle and generate electricity.
Mitsubishi Electric is currently developing new motors for those electrified vehicles, leveraging our experience and expertise in motor technology for different fields of industry as well as in various automotive products.



  1. Industry-leading technology of high density winding reduced copper loss and improved heat dissipation. In addition, use of high temperature insulation and miniaturization (thinner structure) improved motor layout flexibility under limitations of in-vehicle installation space.
  2. The motor basic structure has a standardized design with flexibility in core length and number of winding turns to achieve optimized size, voltage and output characteristics for various vehicle systems such as electric vehicle, one-motor “sandwiched” HEV and two-motor “transmission integrated” HEV.
  3. The motor external structure can support various custom-designed mechanical interfaces according to vehicle installation plan of such as cooling method (oil, air, water), bearing lubrication (oil, grease) and lead-wire outlet structure.

Motor (stator)

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