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Brushless Motor Controller Unit


Electric power steering (EPS) system controls the motor drive torque by precise current adjustment based on steering torque signals detected with torque sensor and provides vehicle drivers with fine steering assist according to the state of vehicle operation. Consuming power only when steering assist is necessary, it is more fuel efficient than the conventional hydraulic power steering system.
Brushless motor controller unit (MCU) determines the required torque for steering assist from torque sensor signal, motor speed, etc. and generates and supplies the necessary torque with the brushless motor.


Compared to the first generation of equivalent output, our second-generation MCU achieved reduction of volume by 50% and mass by 30% by employing a “poki-poki” (rounded) core, 10-pole and 12-slot design, delta wire connection and segmented magnets, and locating motor and controller on the same axis.
Also, for smooth steering feel, new stabilization control with superior damping and motor control for higher rotation speed are developed.

Brushless Motor Control Unit

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