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Pressure Sensor


In automotive engine management systems, the manifold absolute pressure sensor (MAPS) measures the pressure inside intake manifold and the temperature manifold absolute pressure sensor (T-MAPS) measures also the intake temperature using an integrated NTC thermistor, temperature sensor.


These sensors measure the pressure and convert it to electric signals using the piezoresistive effect of semiconductor and deliver stable detection under severe environments such as engine air intake system.

  • Compact and lightweight
    Miniaturized sensor element, single-chip ASIC
  • High reliability and environmental resistance
    Adhesive-less design with laser-weld joints (High thermal shock resistance)
    Pressure chamber is protected with organic overcoat (High contamination resistance)
    Thermal sensor installed inside PBT molded case (High contamination resistance)
  • Environmentally friendly
    Solder-less (lead-free) design

Pressure Sensor

Intake-air Temperature Sensor Integrated Pressure Sensor

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