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Pulse Generator


Pulse generator (revolution sensor) detects the rotation of transmission gear and signal is used for transmission control.


Mitsubishi Electric is the first manufacturer of GMR-type revolution sensors in the world and this sensor realizes superior durability and high-precision detection.
In addition, Hall-type revolution sensor using hall-effect device has superior durability and rotation detection performances

(GMR-type revolution sensors)

  • High reliability: High heat-resistant devices based on our original technologies are developed and manufactured to realize high environment resistance.
  • High performance: Using high sensitivity and high output of device, improvements of angle position detection accuracy and repeatability of detection are realized.

(Hall-type revolution sensor)

  • High reliability: Less connection potion realizes high reliability.
  • High performance: Accurate rotation detection ability by hall effect is realized.

GMR: Giant magneto resistance

Pulse Generator (GMR type)

Pulse Generator (hall type)

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