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Rear-seat Entertainment System


Rear-seat entertainment system includes BD/DVD player, TV tuner, wireless audio transmitter, head phone receiver and axially input terminals. In the vehicle through not only speaker but also wireless head phone, BD, DVD, TV, game and navigation can be enjoyed.


Mitsubishi Electric’s rear-seat entertainment system realizes two types of packaging solutions such as overhead (ceiling) type and center-console type.
Overhead (ceiling) type has unique design which retracts DVD player and display as overlap to the ceiling housing.

  • DVD and TV can be played at the rear-seat with powerful 9 inches large screen monitor as a combination with navigation unit.
  • Versatile screen switching functions
  • Two stage angle adjustment
  • Compact design not to break into the rear-view mirror
  • Dedicated remote controller for convenience to operation.

Rear-seat Entertainment System

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