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This car speaker adopts newly developed in-vehicle material “NCV (*) ” to speaker diaphragm.

  • (*) NCV: Nano Carbonized high Velocity


  • Adopt newly developed material “NCV” to diaphragm of woofer and tweeter.
    Even though NCV is resin material, it has both high propagation velocity, reaching 5,600m/sec and faster than metallic titan, and moderate internal loss, which is equivalent to paper and informative, clear and natural music reproduction is realized.
  • Woofer (midrange and bass speaker) with “solid line structure NCV diaphragm” of which reinforces backside of diaphragm with 5 ribs and increases rigidity realizes middle and bass tone as powerful as played by one-size larger speaker and close to the original sound.
  • Tweeter (treble speaker) with “Y-contact structure dome & cone diaphragm” of which improves contact structure between dome and cone to increase rigidity improves high end characteristics and realizes spontaneous and soft high tone.

Car Speaker (DS-G500)

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