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This car speaker uses NCV,* a material that is ideally suited for diaphragm application.

  • *NCV: Nano Carbonized high Velocity


  • NCV is resin material that serves as an innovative diaphragm material which combines a high propagation velocity of 5,900 m/s—faster than that of metallic titanium—and a moderate internal loss equivalent to that of paper. Applying NCV to woofers and tweeters makes it possible to realize clear and natural sound over a wide tonal range, from bass to super treble, so it is capable of reproducing very detailed sound.
  • In the woofer (speaker for midrange and bass), the diaphragm employs a W-side solid line structure that features five ribs, extending from the innermost circumference to the outer circumference both on the front and back sides of the diaphragm, for an increased intensity. This makes it possible to reproduce super-deep bass to midrange levels with seemingly the same energy as larger speakers. The tweeter (speaker for treble) employs a Y-contact structure (dome & cone) diaphragm that increases rigidity by improving the structure of the of dome and cone contact parts. This design makes it possible to directly apply the driving force of the voice coil to the diaphragm for clear treble that doesn't have any unnatural harshness that bothers the ears.
  • The woofer uses a standard four-point mount and has a depth of 60 mm. The tweeter has been thoroughly designed for flexible mounting. It can be removed from the stand or mount so that it can be embedded into the A-pillar that supports the front windshield or into the location of the original tweeters.
Car Speaker(DS-G300)

Car Speaker (DS-G300)

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