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Transmission Control Unit


Transmission control unit (TCU) is an electronic unit to control transmission operation.


Mitsubishi Electric’s TCU contributes to better fuel economy and realizes a simple layout with a compact and lightweight design.

  1. Compact and lightweight (Cabin mount)
  2. Flexible installation with slim and compact design (Transmission direct mount)
    ・Flexible choice of installation and environmental performances TCU (It can be directly installed on transmission.)
    ・Low-profile connector and unique chassis design provides slim and compact body
  3. Advanced circuit and parts selection
    ・Resin mold housing and a housing set-in connector realize compact and lightweight. (cabin mount type)
    ・Highly functional microprocessor is applied.
    ・Highly functional driving devices to realize actuator precision control are applied.

Transmission Control Unit (transmission direct-mount)

Transmission Control Unit (cabin-mount)

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