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Turbo Actuator


Turbo actuator is an electric actuator to adjust the opening of waste gate valve which controls the supercharged pressure of turbo charger.


Mitsubishi Electric produces electric turbo actuators which are compact, lightweight and high output, with from 2012 uniquely developed DC motor and output transfer mechanism structured inside rotor.

Engine downsizing involving supercharger/turbocharger reduces engine displacement for fuel saving and compensates output insufficiency caused by small engine displacement using supercharger/turbocharger.
In such system, electric turbo actuator is a key part to control the supercharged pressure by adjusting the opening of waste gate valve which bypasses the exhaust pass of supercharger/turbocharger, and optimize engine output according to engine load.

Turbo Actuator(linear motor type)

Turbo Actuator
(linear motor type)

Turbo Actuatorr
(rotary motor type)

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