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VVT Actuator


Variable valve timing system contributes to fuel efficiency improvement and emission reduction by optimally adjusting the open/close timing of intake/exhaust valve according to driving condition.


Mitsubishi Electric develops and produces low-profile hydraulic actuators with great hydraulic pressure efficiency, and compact/lightweight hydraulic valves.

The new hydraulic actuator responds 30% faster at low pressure than our conventional level, owing to a unique hydraulic chamber structure, and its weight is reduced by 15% as it takes a low-profile design with inner spring and uses precision and cost-effective sintered metal body with aluminum parts.
For hydraulic pressure control, compact/lightweight hydraulic valve (linear solenoid drive) is also developed.

VVT Actuator For Intake Side

VVT Actuator For Exhaust Side (integrated spring)

Oil Control Valve (for VVT )

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