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Products: Automotive Equipment


To meet the expectations of our customers regarding our high quality standards, we carry out repeated and exhaustive quality management with strict testing through all production processes. We achieve optimum design quality through a variety of systematic efforts, such as highly reliable design using computers at the development and design stage, along with testing verification, analysis and customer-inclusive comprehensive evaluation through every kind of environmental condition. In the mass production process, we strive for total quality conformity in all parts through a strong management system and craftsmanship that is bent on quality manufacturing. We also have an automatic inspection system in place to absolutely purge any non-conforming parts. In our quest to provide perfect parts, we continuously check for unwavering reliability with the best quality control equipment.

Quality assurance system


  • 3D-CAD

  • Navigation map development

  • Comprehensive evaluation with engine


  • Stress analysis

  • Tolerance analysis

  • Visualization technologies (Gasoline spray diffusion diagram)


  • Three-meter anechoic chamber

  • Endurance test facility

  • Field-emission-type scanning electron microscope (FE-SEM)


  • Assembly line

  • Operation inspection


  • Shipping inspection


  • Sorting

  • Loading

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