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Products: Automotive Equipment


To achieve a more affluent car society, we carry out research and development in full cooperation with its laboratories and works.

Basic Research

  • Information Technology R&D Center
  • Advanced Technology R&D Center
  • Industrial Design Center

In the quest for the fusion of IT with vehicles, the results of research and development that synergize our laboratories and works are applied in every step of development—from parts to products.

Research technologies by group division

  • Electro-mechanical technologies

  • Multimedia technologies

  • Image technologies

  • Information technologies

  • Power electronics technologies

  • Ergonomics

Application Development

  • Automotive Electronics Development Center
We carry out research making the most of our fundamental research technologies.
We offer our research results to achieve a more affluent car society.

Production Development

  • Himeji Works
  • Sanda Works

We improve our current equipment and facilities to make the mass production of new products possible.

  • Alternator assembly line

  • Controller assembly line

Toward the mass production, abundant test facilities are utilized and evaluated in diverse ways.

  • Chassis dynamometer room

  • Anechoic chamber

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