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Safety & Intelligence - Concept

Moving forward with Safety & Intelligence


Providing various information systems in automobiles
that enable safer driving and peace of mind for everyone

We have applied our accumulated knowledge in laser and sensor technologies across a wide variety of fields in pursuit of technologies that make cars safer. We are working to strengthen Mitsubishi Electrics advanced technologies in driver perception, judgment and control so that we can contribute to the driving assist technologies that have been evolving in recent years. Various information can be comfortably accessed to connect you with the world as you drive. We are developing smart solutions that integrate entertainment, navigation, telematics and driver-assistance functions to create a new car lifestyle.

Advanced driver assistance system (ADAS)

Preventive safety system

This combines a wide variety of advanced technologies, such as sensing, vehicle control and telecommunications. We are developing this driver assistance system, which aims to allow automatic driving, so that we may help create a society that is both safe and anxiety-free.

Advanced driver assistance system (ADAS)


The infotainment system offers car navigation system with an easy-to-see map display, which uses newly-developed LSI and high-definition images, along with ergonomic controls, and a car audio system that produces concert-like high-quality sound. Our infotainment system makes the car a fun and pleasurable place to be.

Car navigation system / Car speaker / Rear seat entertainment system

Electronic control

Lighting control system

To make driving safer at night and during bad weather, we have developed an LED/HID control unit with dramatic-ally-improved headlamp lifespan and power consumption that enhances visibility with wide-area, bright lights.

LED Control unit
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