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Products: Automotive Equipment

Our Synergies

Our technologies are utilized in many areas,
including in cities and residences.

Sincerely striving for the next generation of manufacturing to serve society. We apply our wide portfolio of experience as a comprehensive electrical component manufacturer to push forward in the discovery of ever more added value for the automobile.

  • Communication

    Transcending the boundaries of time and space, we bring people and society together.

  • Urban development

    Creating urban centers enjoyable for all.

  • Manufacturing

    Supporting the world of manufacturing with a multitude of production-improving technologies.

  • Energy

    Connecting limited energy resources to future technologies.

  • Ecology

    Striving for a sustainable society that honors the Earth's environment.

  • Safety

    Aspiring to create a society that is safe for all.

  • Quality of life

    Creating a comfortable and affluent quality of life.

  • Space applications

    Pursuing the possibilities of space to assist in the development of lifestyles, the economy and society.

Technologies for next generation

Quasi-zenith satellite system (QZSS)

After establishing a 4-satellite system including Michibiki, combined usage with GPS becomes available for uninterrupted 24-hour, and complementary operation with GPS and improvement of accuracy will be realized. This allows to provide emergency alerts and natural disaster countermeasures, which give importance to efficiency and accuracy, based on more accurate information, and also enables to identify the location with more accuracy.

Vehicle-infrastructure/Vehicle-vehicle cooperative driving support systems

This adjusts vehicle speed and distance based on data relayed from the vehicle in front of the car. Infrastructure that enables cars to be driven with an increased level of coordination will result in less speed reductions during times of traffic congestion, as well as a safer, more relaxing and more comfortable driving.

In-vehicle ETC unit / In-vehicle ETC 2.0 unit

This is not simply a toll collection system, but it also provides support in avoiding traffic congestion by relaying road conditions for a wide area. Additionally, the driver is notified of any stopped vehicles, congestion or natural disasters, to provide assistance in safe driving.

  • ETC gate

  • In-vehicle ETC 2.0 unit

    In-vehicle ETC 2.0 unit

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