100Gbps Transmission System Solutions

100G Media Converter

Product Summary

Model MF-100GMC is our 100 Gbps media converter, intended for the extension of last-mile 100GbE or 10ch x 10G connections*1. The MF-100GMC media converter has many client interfaces such as Ethernet*2, Sonet, SDH etc., and it can be used to build a range of network topologies.


1) Flexible configuration

The WAN side interface of Model MF-100GMC is OTU4, the same as Model MF-8800GW-XC, so it is a flexible tool for the construction of networks. Model MF-100GMC can be used for a range of purposes, including long distance and low-latency services. Model MF-100GMC is a C/D separation system, with separate supervisory and main cards, and can produce highly reliable networks. Digital Coherent transmission is used on the WAN side, and the fiber dispersion compensation is performed digitally. Model MF-100GMC therefore reduces the need for dispersion compensation fibers, and can contribute to CAPEX reduction.

2) Low power consumption and small size

Low power consumption and small size are achieved by adopting the highest performance LSI. Our continuous endeavors to miniaturize our equipment mean that when replacing existing 1G and 10G media converters, issues of space do not arise.

3) NMS supervisory technology

The NMS displays root-cause alarms, and can pinpoint a problem quickly. This function contributes to quicker service restoration by enabling the operators to concentrate on the root cause of the problem.


Item Specifications
Physical Interfaces LAN Ports (1) 100GBASE-LR4
(2) 100GBASE-SR10 (Option)
No. of Ports 1
Connector LC (CFP)
Frame format Ethernet Frame (IEEE 802.3)
Mode Full Duplex
WAN No. of Ports 1
Connector LC
Wavelength ITU-T G694.1


0~40ºC (RT)

Humidity 20~90%
Supervisory Maintenance Interface SNMP
Power supply
Voltage & Consumption 100 VAC or -48 VDC
Weight About 20 kg

The specification is subject to change without prior notice. Please ask us for details.

  • *1: Please ask us the release date.
  • *2: Ethernet is a registered trademark of Xerox Corporation.