GE-PON (Gigabit-Ethernet Passive Optical Networks)


Fusing gigabit Ethernet and PON technologies, Mitsubishi Electric's GE-PON system provides economical super high speed access circuits at up to 1Gbps. This high-speed, real-time facility enables delivery of the craved-for next-generation, high-capacity broadband content.

Standards-compliant GE-PON Interface

Compliant with IEEE 802.3ah, up to 32 customers can be supported on a single 1 Gbps fiber.
Our optical devices and transceivers are developed in house to assure high quality and stable supply.

Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation

Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA) is applied for efficient use of the PON bandwidth while implementing low-latency classes of service.

Priority Control Function

Multiple Quality of Service (QoS) provision is possible. Services that require specific QoS such as VoIP and video streaming can be created through collaboration with upper level networks.

Powerful Security Function

Confidentiality is guaranteed through the use of a user terminal connection number restriction function, the IEEE 802.1x standards verification function (optional) and encryption (AES128 method) to prevent the possibility of eavesdropping and impersonation.

Compact Construction

The space-saving 19-inch OLT, only 4U high, accommodates up to 512 users in a rack.