GE-PON (Gigabit-Ethernet Passive Optical Networks)


Mitsubishi Electric History of Technological Innovation Optical and Radio

2000 Developed ATM-PON for North America and under testing
Introduced Fixed Wireless Access System (FWA) for Japan-Telecom (Joint development)
Selected as the manufacturer that develop W-CDMA terminal
Developed WDM metro ring system of commercial for testing
1999 Introduced ATM-XC for W-CDMA network
Introduced ATM DSU ÅE IP Caf_
MISTY-KASUMI (Ciphering and Integrity Algorithms) was selected as the standard for IMT-2000 security
1998 Developed D-WDM System 2.5G/24 channels
Developed ATM router / MPEG patent
Started development of ATM-PON system
Developed and test -manufactured W-CDMA (iIMT-2000)
1997 Developed and introduced RSDM
1995 Delivered SLT/DSU for use with ATM network
Introduced cell stations for PHS
1994 Introduced optical amplified submersible repeater for use with optical submarine cable system
1992 Delivered modulator and demodulator equipment for PDC system of NTT
Delivered earth-station antenna for use with Malacca No.2 in Malaysia
1991 Received order for " Subaru Telescope" from the National Astronomical
Observatory of Japan
Delivered " Mova D" ultra small mobile terminal to NTT
1988 Delivered digital radio ground station (GMSK) for bullet train (Tokaido-Shinkansen)
Entry of CMT into European market
Introduced mobile telephone for high-capacity system to NTT
Delivered earth-station antenna for satellite communication for use with IBS in Malaysia
Installed two sets of meteorological radar in Bangladesh
1987 Delivered subscriber line digital multiplex transmitter to NTT
Completion of PCM multiplex radio for 12GHz/6.5GHz band
1986 Delivered train allocation radio system to Japan National Railways (now JR)
1985 Delivered EUTELSAT earth-station, standard-station
1984 Delivered Big Antenna (diameter of 64m) for probing deep space
1983 Advanced car mobile phone into U.S.A. (Built the factory)
1972 Delivered car mobile telephone system to a city in Sweden