100Gbps Transmission System Solutions

Optical Submarine Cable Systems – Installations


Mitsubishi Electric has maintained a leading position in submarine cable system technology with the world's first 5 Gbit/s optical amplified repeater for its TPC-5 project in 1994. Subsequently, in 1999 Mitsubishi Electric supplied with the world's first 10 Gbit/s transmission technology.

The incorporation of 40 Gbit/s transmission technology into the TAT-14 cable network (May 2011), Asia-America Gateway (November 2011) and IMEWE (India - Middle East - Western Europe) Cable System (December 2011), established Mitsubishi Electric's reputation worldwide as a leader in the move towards the terabit era.

In 2013, Mitsubishi completed the development of its 100 Gbit/s transmission technology, and this will significantly alter people’s style of communication.


From 1995 to 2003, Mitsubishi Electric supplied KDDI-SCS with optical amplified repeaters and Submarine Line terminal requirement.