100Gbps Transmission System Solutions

100G Transceiver

Functional Description

Figure 0-1 100 Gbps DWDM Transceiver Module Functional Block Diagram

Mitsubishi has been shipping 100G transceivers for DWDM systems since February 2013 [1]. Key module functions include transmitter optics with a high-speed multiplexer, receiver optics, Digital Coherent Processing LSI (DSP-LSI) , a module controller supporting an MDIO/MDC management interface, and power conversion for a single +12 V DC power supply from the host. The basic specifications of Mitsubishi’s 100 Gbps DWDM transceiver module is based on OIF-MSA-100GLH-EM-01.0.

[1] See News Release (in Japanese)


A 2nd gen OIF compliant module (“Gen2 Module”) is under development and will be released. Table 1-1 shows the basic specifications of the Gen2 Module.

Table 1-1 Specifications

No. Item Specification
1 Interface 168pins OIF-MSA compliant
2 Center wavelength/Channel spacing C-band、L-band、fully tunable/50GHz
3 Modulation format DP-QPSK
4 Operating case temperature Between 0 and +70 degrees
5 Size 4” x 5” x 0.75” (101.6mm x 127.0mm x 19.0mm)
6 Power consumption 45W max.

The specification is subject to change without prior notice. Please ask us for details.