Diamond Vision    
A favorable TCO helps protect your investment
Safe Choice
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The designers, engineers and manufacturing professionals behind Mitsubishi Electric’s Diamond Vision have been steadily improving the technology and quality for a quarter of a century. That brings big benefits to viewers, who get to enjoy the sharpest pictures possible, and to owners and operators who get an installation that not only features forward compatibility, but is comparatively easy to use, and also practical to maintain. And all Diamond Vision systems offer the peace of mind that comes with Mitsubishi Electric's industry-leading reliability and customer support.
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Sound Investment
  When you choose Diamond Vision, you make the safe choice. An organization the size of Mitsubishi Electric -- with it’s immense R&D, technological and manufacturing resources, including operations on a global scale -- is able to create proprietary technology and employ superior manufacturing processes that result in a better quality, longer lasting product. The initial price of Diamond Vision is a direct reflection of the quality processes and components that comprise it, as well as the teams of uncompromising professionals that stand behind it. A favorable total cost of operation over time also helps protect your investment.
Backed by Experience
  Image photo of Backed by Experience Mitsubishi Electric’s half a century in the business of making high quality televisions is behind every Diamond Vision screen. So is the know-how built up over the years through development of computer monitors, high-definition TV home theater systems, and award-winning DLP displays that have become the choice of professionals and high-end enthusiasts alike. As the world’s oldest and most renowned maker of large-scale LED screens, we’re able to put our wide range of experience to work for you in ways that optimize the investment you put into a major installation.
Power of Innovation
  The large-scale LED screen is an innovation in and of itself. In 1980, when we rolled it out for the first time, the world had never seen such a thing. These days, however, it’s hard to imagine a major sports event without it. Our continued innovations in the technology behind Diamond Vision have resulted in high-resolution screens with flicker-free images that maintain overall color, clarity and brightness regardless of viewing angle or lighting conditions.
Pinnacle of Quality
  Diamond Vision quality goes far beyond the rich and colorful images you see on the screen. The thousands of components are manufactured to the most exacting standards, for long trouble-free life as well as easy maintenance or replacement. Longevity begins with a quality product manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified factory environment and ends with an installation by a team of fully trained and experienced professional installers.
Total Cost of Operation
  Image photo of Total Cost of Operation Diamond Vision employs energy-efficient electronic components and a modularized construction that bring significant savings in energy and maintenance costs over time. This brings benefits in TCO that help protect your long-term investment. What’s more, we can customize a service level agreement that’s tailored to your individual needs. And forward compatibility is built right into Diamond Vision systems, ready for technology advances or system expansion. Diamond Vision is compatible with NTSC, PAL, SECAM TV broadcast and video system signals, as well as HDTV, EDTV and most computer graphic signals.
Unique Partnership
  Over the years Mitsubishi Electric has installed hundreds of Diamond Vision systems in many countries. It’s our privilege to serve so many different types of professional organizations. Over the years we’ve developed a natural sensitivity to individual concerns and needs. So we go out of our way to become a professional partner in the design, installation and service processes. Ensuring you get the system and service that’s right for you requires exceptional flexibility, patience and creativity on our part. Because every Diamond Vision customer is unique. Every installation is unique, too.