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Premier Venues

There is much we could say about why Diamond Vision should be your first choice in large-scale LED displays, but perhaps it’s best to let our enthusiasts speak for us. That is, if the types of venues that choose Diamond Vision are any indication, you’ll be in good company with the likes of the world’s premier sports, entertainment and other great venues.
Image photo of Premier Venues
  Turner Field, Atlanta Diamond Vision screens are favorites at America’s great basketball arenas, football stadiums and entertainment venues. In North America there are more than 200 installations.
  Boat Races There are more than 270 Diamond Vision installations in Japan, providing entertainment and informational dimensions to busy public spaces, entertainment venues, and places where people gather for sports and other great spectacles.
Hong Kong
  Sha Tin Racecourse
Hong Kong is home to the biggest Diamond Vision screen in the world, one that’s as long as a 747 jet airliner and feted in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s longest TV screen.
Teamwork in Action
  Tour de Normandie (Mobile) The flexibility and mobility of Diamond Vision displays make them popular in Europe for competitions including automobile racing, winter sports, and cycling competitions.