Diamond Vision    
Real-time editing and control solutions
Control Room Systems
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Diamond Vision installations are distinguished by real-time editing and control system solutions that allow engineers to create for the moment. With so many options at hand, inspiration takes a front row seat.

Systems can be operated with a simple control panel that requires the mere push of a button, or via a Personal Computer Interface that includes special effects, custom messaging and graphics and various video editing functions such as wipe, crawl, scroll and zoom.
Image photo of Control Room Systems
  You can also program a presentation to run, and to turn on and off automatically. Automatic operation is especially attractive for freestanding and advertising applications.
What’s more, multiple Digital Screen Controllers (DSC) can be networked together, with each DSC having the ability to accept three separate feeds directly into the controller. This unique Diamond Vision technology permits display of multiple content on the screen simultaneously, and gives show producers much more versatility.