Diamond Vision    
Proprietary technological breakthroughs
Decided Advantage

The Diamond Vision advantage comes from an impressive list of proprietary Mitsubishi Electric technologies that work in concert to manifest the world’s finest large-scale LED screens.
Image photo of Decided Advantage
Wide Viewing Angles
  Image of Wide Viewing Angles Diamond Vision screens utilize chip-type LEDs to permit a remarkable 170° vertical and horizontal viewing angle, ensuring that every seat in the house gets a great view. What’s more, Diamond Vision looks great from below, since each color LED has its own shader, eliminating any change in overall image color through shifts in the vertical viewing angle.
High Resolution
  Diamond Vision’s “Quad Dot Pattern” technology creates a color pixel through the use of two red, one green and one blue dot. A screen processor shares dots between adjacent pixels to create an intermediate pixel, to provide for higher resolution than is possible by systems using cluster pixel patterns -- a method commonly employed by other makers of LED screens.
Stable Images
  High technology lies behind an image processing system called Extended Definition Television (EDTV). This non-interlaced scanning method results in an image that is remarkable clear and flicker-free. What’s more, Mitsubishi Electric’s proprietary signal-processing technology, called Scanning Line Interpolation, creates a clean, distortion-free image of unsurpassed clarity.
Rich Hues
  Accurate display of video images on a collection of light emitting diodes (LEDs) comes with inherent technological challenges, as LED colors tend to appear over-saturated and unnatural. Mitsubishi Electric’s original Color Space Conversion technology overcomes the challenges to produce much more natural and vibrant colors, Enhanced 10-bit digital processing provides for 1,024 levels of gray to result in superior detail in the dark areas of images.