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Display Wall

HM Series LCD Display Wall

The Mitsubishi Electric LCD Display Wall System is the ideal solution for small-and medium-sized control rooms that require high picture quality from displays.
It features an advanced technology system that provides intelligence, durability, redundancy and space savings.


5.7mm mullion (total)

Super narrow 5.7mm mullion (total) minimizes the image content loss, which is critical for command and control room usage.

High picture quality over the entire wall

Digital gradation circuit - Mitsubishi Electric's innovative digital gradation circuit provides uniform brightness distribution across the screen, resulting in the reproduction of sharp, vivid images form edge to edge on multi-screen configurations. This virtually eliminates the problem of decreased brightness at the edges of each screen.

Color space control - Our LCD displays are equipped with an innovative digital color space control circuit developed in-house. The circuit works to balance and blend colors, compensating for the color and brightness discrep- ancies among LCD displays.

Dynamic brightness balancing

With a built-in brightness sensor, Dynamic brightness balancing circuit can keep the brightness uniformity of display wall over the period of operation time by communicating the measured brightness data by every 2 seconds.

Front access for easy service

When used in combination with Mitsubishi Electric's original optional wall mount kit, LCD panels can be accessed from the front-side of the system. This design makes it possible for panels to be serviced from the front as well as the rear.

Front access for easy service

Internal processing

Built-in processor - Each display of LCD Display Wall System is equipped with an internal data-processing function that allows to show up to six windows (with VC-B70V2) or three windows (with other boards) per a single panel, and allows to show up to three windows placed any size and position across the entire wall when using the daisy chain function of the daisy chain board.
Install Mitsubishi Electric's D-Wall software suite and the entire imaging system can be controlled intuitively from a user-friendly graphical user interface.

Built-in processor

Black strips are displayed on both sides when the image source is set to the 4:3 aspect ratio.

Built-in processor

Freely choose the size and position of the image windows.

Only one screen can be displayed at a time.

Bezel compensation

Images can be displayed in two modes, Real Picture Window (RPW) or Natural Picture Window (NPW). RPW displays images using the entire input signal (no image loss), making it suitable for displaying surveillance images and similar applications. NPW realizes a smoothly connected screen image appearance when using multiple screens; perfect for moving pictures.

Bezel compensation

3 operational modes

Three backlight power modes (Bright, Normal and Eco) can be selected according to the operating environment.

3 operational modes


Smart Switch - The LCD Display Wall System is also equipped with a "Smart Switc". This signal source control function provides the redundancy necessary for mission-critical applications that require continuous operation. If the signal is unexpectedly lost, the signal source is automatically switched to an alternative device (either "port-to-port" or "board-to- board") within seconds of detecting the 'no signal' status. As a result, user downtime is minimized in the event of a signal source failure.

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User-friendly graphical user interface (Option)

D-Wall Software Suite

"D-Wall", a software suite developed by Mitsubishi Electric, is available for LCD Wall System. The software was originally created for use with the display wall cube and processor, and has been continuously modified and upgraded.
In addition to basic functions such as wall configuration support, display layout control, and brightness and color control, the following functions for control room use have been incorporated into the latest version.

  • Wall configuration
  • Display layout control
  • Brightness and color control
  • System monitoring
  • Alert message utility
  • Remote multi-mouse cursor
  • Multilingual interface

For specifications, please download the brochure.

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