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Seventy Series

Seventy Series LED Display Wall System, developed and manufactured in house based upon our long experience.

4:3 50" Display Wall Cubes
4:3 60" Display Wall Cubes
4:3 67" Display Wall Cubes
4:3 80" Display Wall Cubes
16:10 62" Display Wall Cubes
16:9 70" Display Wall Cubes
16:10 72" Display Wall Cubes

The 75 Series and 78 Series LED Display Wall products are also available for SXGA+, Full HD (1080P) and WUXGA resolutions. For more details, please download the brochure from the Download page.

Download Brochure
Traffic Control Center (Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department):

Mitsubishi Electric's LED Display Wall system ensures smooth traffic flows in Tokyo, one of the largest and most congested cities in the world.
The LED display wall (a total of 144 modules (50PE, 50" SXGA+)) is used as the main graphic display in the traffic control center, monitoring detailed traffic information in Tokyo 24/7.

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