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Seventy Series

60PE78/60PEF78 (SXGA+ model), 60XE/60XEF (XGA model)

Screen size 60" diagonal size (1218mm×913mm)
Abbreviated model name 60PE78 60PEF78 60XE 60XEF
Native resolution SXGA+(1400×1050pixels) XGA(1024×768pixels)
Accessibility Rear Front Rear Front
Technology DLP™ technology/DarkChip3™/BrilliantColor™ (*1)
Brightness Bright mode 990cd/m²(typ.) 360cd/m²(typ.)
Normal mode 720cd/m²(typ.) 300cd/m²(typ.)
Eco mode 490cd/m²(typ.) 230cd/m²(typ.)
Advanced Eco Mode 190cd/m²(typ.)
Viewability angle Horizontal 1/2 gain: ±35 Degree, 1/10 gain: ±57 Degree
Vertical 1/2 gain: ±10 Degree, 1/10 gain: ±28 Degree
Contrast ratio 1600:1(typ.) 1700:1(typ.)
Screen to screen gap 0.2-1.5mm
Light source   LED(RGB)
service life
100,000hrs (Advanced Eco Mode), 80,000hrs (Other Modes) 80,000hrs
Key parts
average lifetime
DLP™ chip 100,000hrs. (MTBF 650,000hrs)
Cooling fan 100,000hrs
Control signal input RS-232C: D-sub 9 pin
LAN: RJ45x1(10 BASE-T/100 BASE-TX)
D-sub 9 pins×2(IN/OUT)
Mitsubishi Electric original control link
Wire remote: F3.5Jack
IR receiver
Input board slot for optional input board 3 slots
Power consumption
(with 1 input board)
Bright mode 233W(Typ.) 220W(typ.)
Normal mode 147W(Typ.) 160W(typ.)
Eco mode 108W(Typ.) 117W(typ.)
Advanced Eco Mode 88W(Typ.)
AC input voltage AC100-240V ±10%, 50/60Hz ±1Hz
Rated current 3.4/1.5Amp. 2.7/1.4Amp.
Temperature 10-35℃
Humidity 20%-80% non-condensing
Weight 91kg/201lbs 97kg/214lbs 90kg/198lbs 96kg/212lbs
Model number Engine VS-PE78U VS-XE70U
Cabinet S-6070CA S-6070CAF S-6070CA S-6070CAF
Screen SC-6075U SC-6075UF SC-6075U SC-6075UF
Abbreviated model name with Cross Lenticular Screen 60PE78L 60PEF78L 60XEL 60XEFL
Model number for Cross Lenticular Screen SC-6075L SC-6075LF SC-6075L SC-6075LF
Brightness with
optional Cross Lenticular Screen
Bright mode 500cd/m²(typ.) 180cd/m²(typ.)
Normal mode 370cd/m²(typ.) 150cd/m²(typ.)
Eco mode 250cd/m²(typ.) 120cd/m²(typ.)
Advanced Eco Mode 90cd/m²(typ.)
Viewability angle with
optional Cross Lenticular Screen
Horizontal 1/2 gain: ±35 deg, 1/10 gain: ±57deg
Vertical 1/2 gain: ±33deg, 1/10 gain: ±55deg
Abbreviated model name with optional Black Bead Screen 60PE78B 60PEF78B 60XEB 60XEFB
Model number for optional Black Bead Screen SC-6070B SC-6070BF SC-6070B SC-6070BF
Brightness with
optional Black Bead Screen
Bright mode 240cd/m²(typ.) 90cd/m²(typ.)
Normal mode 170cd/m²(typ.) 75cd/m²(typ.)
Eco mode 120cd/m²(typ.) 55cd/m²(typ.)
Viewability angle with
optional Bead Screen
Horizontal 1/2 gain: ±35 deg, 1/10 gain: ±75deg
  • (*1) DLP™, DarkChip3™ and BrilliantColor™ are trademarks of Texas Instruments.
  • (*2) Depending on configuration and environment. The maximum screen to screen gap size is recommended for large display walls to allow for screen expansions due to heat and humidity.
  • (*3) The lifetime of LED light source is an expected value, not guaranteed. The expected lifetime: Temperature condition at operation is 77°F/25°C. With 95°F/35°C, LED lifetime with Bright Mode is 60,000hrs.
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