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Products: Visual Information Systems

Display Wall

70/120 Series LED Display Wall

Energy-saving LED light source and DLP™ projector system incorporated to realize more advanced visual communications.
Display wall cubes with wide formats of 16:9 and 16:10 newly added to the product line-up, further enhancing our ability to tailor solutions to suit diversified customer applications.

Largest LED Display Wall Cube Line-up Ever

An expansive line-up is now available including 62 and 72-inch 16:10 wide models, 60 and 70-inch 16:9 wide models, and 50, 60, 67 and 80-inch 4:3 models. Available resolutions include XGA, SXGA+, Full HD(1080P) and WUXGA. Three screen options are offered as well, Black Stripe (standard) and Cross-lenticular, which vary in brightness and viewing angle capabilities. This expanded range of choices gives users more flexibility in creating the optimal system to match the application and installation environment.

*All Mitsubishi display wall cubes are manufactured using seismic simulation which was performed at the product Electric design stage.

16:10 wide format
16:9 wide format
4:3 format

For specifications, please download the brochure.

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