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Products: Visual Information Systems

Display Wall

70/120 Series LED Display Wall

Energy-saving LED light source and DLP™ projector system incorporated to realize more advanced visual communications.
Display wall cubes with wide formats of 16:9 and 16:10 newly added to the product line-up, further enhancing our ability to tailor solutions to suit diversified customer applications.

DLP™ Technology for the Ultimate in High Quality and Digital Control

At the core of Mitsubishi Electric projection technology is the DLP™ chip: a display device with minute metal mirrors arranged at multiple points on a silicon base using the most advanced semiconductor fabrication technology available. Each micromirror corresponds to a single pixel or element of the picture. Images are produced by maneuvering these micromirrors electronically.

DLP and the DLP medallion logo are registered trademarks of Texas Instruments in the United States of America.
Consistent High-quality Images

Full digital control of color and gradation at every micro-mirror results in images with consistently high picture quality and uniform color and brightness throughout the display wall, from the center point to the edges of each display.

Higher Reliability

The DLP™ chip is a reflective device with a very high light reflection ratio, thus the chip itself retains very little to no heat. This characteristic allows still images, text data and other fixed patterns to be displayed for long periods of time without image retention or burn-in that tends to occur with other display technologies or image processing methods.

LED Light Source Advantages

Virtually Maintenance-free

An LED light source has an average service life that is approximately 10 times longer than that of conventional ultrahigh-pressure mercury lamps.
Combined with the 100,000hr, ultra-long service life of our engine fans, the average service life of Mitsubishi Electric LED display wall cubes is more than 10 years, even when operated continuously on a 24/7 basis.

Choice of Four Brightness Modes

Equipped with an original LED power control circuit, each display wall cube can be set to operate in one of four modes. As a result, command and control room operators can select the brightness level appropriate for their environment and user, avoiding user eye-fatigue over long periods of viewing time.

With the new WE120 Series models, the LED light source lasts for 100,000 hours in all modes, including the Bright mode. Mitsubishi Electric LED display wall cubes can thus be used 24/7 for more than 11 years virtually maintenance free.
Proven Performance

Over 78,000 Mitsubishi Electric display wall products have been installed in mission-critical command and control rooms around the world. Our LED projection engines and display wall cubes are designed and developed with the deep understanding and experience we gained from market feedback and from market feedback and closely listening to the diversified needs of our customers.

As of March 2016 in-house research.

Color Reproduction Range Illustration

Wider Color Reproduction Range

The LED light source offers a much wider range of color reproduction, allowing a larger array of vivid colors to be used for the icons and symbols frequently used in command and control rooms. This ultimately makes it easier for command and control room operators to share information.

Multiple Picture Settings

Mitsubishi Electric LED display wall cubes have multiple picture settings, giving customers the freedom to choose the best setting suitable for the application and content being displayed. Optimized Color is best for reproducing natural looking colors, Vivid Color realizes more striking colors in icons/symbols, and Low Color Temperature is ideal for backdrop applications in broadcasting studios.


The LED light source eliminated the use of mercury lamps, helping us keep the environment cleaner. At the same time, the Eco mode setting lets users consume less power, reducing CO2 emissions, leaving a smaller, eco-conscious carbon footprint than conventional lamp-based systems.

For specifications, please download the brochure.

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