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Display Wall

Display Wall Upgrade Unit

The emergence of LED light source has changed the world of rear projection display wall products, especially for the users in 24/7 command and control rooms, because of the longevity, stability and wide color reproduction range which LED technology can provide as the light source. Currently, Mitsubishi Electric provides variety of LED display wall products for customers in terms of resolutions, inch sizes, service accesses etc. With LED Display Wall Upgrade Unit, the owners of our legacy lamp-lit display wall products also have possibilities to upgrade and bring the systems into the latest generation.

Key Features

Reduced System Upgrade Cost

The LED display wall upgrade can be realized by simply replacing the optical projection module and chassis unit. The cabinets, screens and other structures of existing display wall systems (base frames, claddings etc) can be continuously used. Therefore, no demolishing, construction and major interior change work are needed. Comparing with the whole display product / system replacement, the initial cost of investment is smaller. However, the display wall system can be upgraded to the latest LED-lit solution.

Low Cost of Ownership

1. Virtually Maintenance-free

LED light source has an average service life that is approximately 10 times longer than that of conventional ultrahigh-pressure mercury lamps. In addition, it does not require the color wheel to create RGB colors. Combined with the 100,000hr, ultra-long service life of our fans, the average service life is more than 10 years, even when operated 24/7

2. Efficient Air Cooling System

The system has an optimal airflow path and cooling module design that are perfectly matched to the characteristics of the LED light source. Comparing with the liquid cooling system that requires periodical changes on the coolant, pump and drive parts, it has much less consumables.

3. Choice of Four Operating Modes

Equipped with an original LED power control circuit, each display wall product can be set to operate in one of four operating modes: Bright, Normal, Eco and Advanced Eco. Especially when operating under Eco or Advanced Eco mode, lower power consumption is achieved (XX W under Advanced Eco mode).

Superior Performance by Mitsubishi Electricʼs Latest Technologies

1. Color Space Control

To compensate for the color and brightness inconsistencies on display wall products, Mitsubishi Electric has developed an original Color Space Control Circuit that balances and blends colors. The ratios of each primary color (Red/Green/Blue) and other color mixtures are adjusted to provide consistent color blending and superior uniformity on multi-screen configurations.

2. Dynamic Color & Brightness Balancing

Each display wall product is equipped with three built-in sensors (one for each primary color) that use a color and brightness maintenance algorithm. The sensors continually monitor the individual red, green and blue output of each display wall product, share the data with adjacent displays, and adjust performance automatically to produce extremely accurate colors and brightness balance over the entire display. These features make it possible to maintain image uniformity on multi-screen configurations over long periods of operation without using external computers.

3. Choice of Four Operating Modes

Loss of brightness at the screen edges is no longer a problem owing to Mitsubishi Electric's innovative digital gradation circuit. Brightness is distributed evenly across the screen, ensuring the reproduction of sharp, vivid images from edge to edge on multi-screen configurations.

Wide Color Reproduction Range by LED Light Source

The LED light source offers a much wider range of color reproduction, allowing a larger array of vivid colors to be used for the icons and symbols frequently used in command and control rooms. This ultimately makes it easier for command and control room operators to share information.


The LED light source eliminates the use of mercury, and thus helps to preserve the environment. At the same time, the Eco mode setting contributes to lower power consumption and CO2 emissions than lamp-lit display wall products.

Applicable Models

  • VS-50XL20U
  • VS-50XL21U
  • VS-50XL50U
  • VS-50XLW20U
  • VS-50XLW50U
  • VS-50XLF20U
  • VS-50XLF50U
  • VS-50XLWF50U
  • VS-67XL20U
  • VS-67XL50U
  • VS-67XLW20U
  • VS-67XLW50U
  • VS-67XLF50U
  • VS-67XLWF50U
  • VS-50PH50U
  • VS-67PH50U
  • VS-67PHF50U
Applicability for other models, please contact the nearest dealership.
Depending on the installation situations, some upholstering work might be needed.
Basically, the cabinets, screens and other structures of existing display wall systems (base frames, claddings etc) can be continuously used.
However, depending on the conditions, some replacement might be necessary.

Please contact us for further information.

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