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Display Wall

Narrow Pixel Pitch Direct View LED

Mitsubishi Electric's Narrow Pixel Pitch Direct View LED is designed to deliver a smooth flow of information for 24/7 continuous operation environments. With a lifetime of at least 100,000 hours, equal to more than 11 years of operation, the NPP-LEDs are guaranteed to provide excellent performance in visually demanding control room operations.

What is Narrow Pixel Pitch Direct View LED?


Delivers smooth and consistent graphics without the vertical and horizontal black lines appearing in large-screen multi-display walls.

Image for screen gap such as LCD

Image non-screen gap such as LED

Flexible Installation

Narrow Pixel Pitch Direct View LED screens are available as rear access - and front access models.

Long Service Life

Mitsubishi Electric's direct-view NPP-LED has a lifetime rating of 100,000 hours till half-brightness. It is designed for continuous 24/7 operations that is often required for mission-critical environments.

Anti-Burn In

LED brightness gradually diminishes over time as the display gets used. So, when displaying a static image over a long period of time, variations of luminance and chromaticity are caused by the difference in the operating time or age of each pixel.
Anti-Burn-In corrects these display variations and anomalies. As a result, uniformed luminance and chromaticity is preserved longer over the lifetime of the display.


Burn-in compensated


Signal Redundancy

In the unlikely event of a single-unit failure, other panels will still keep displaying images via two way image transmission throughout the system.

Power Redundancy

Optional power unit provides continuous operation at time of a power module failure.

Active power peak saving function

LED power consumption changes depending on the content displayed. Active power peak saving function limits the maximum power consumption by detecting the image brightness and automatically optimizing the image.

Mitsubishi Electric imaging technologies – Enhanced picture quality and visibility

Natural Color Matrix

Wider color reproduction range for brilliant, vivid displays.



Dynamic Gamma

Optimal contrast ratio shows more details, even with darker contents.



2-Dimensional Noise Reduction (2DNR)

Reduces noise from compressed images (i.e., MPEG).


Intel® OPS-Standard slot (control unit)

  • Supports OPS standard computers
  • Supports OPS 3G-SDI-input board (DP-1SDI-3G)
  • Supports OPS HDBaseT™ input board (VC-LM1HD)


For specifications, please download the brochure.

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