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Products: Visual Information Systems

Display Wall

Image Processing & Control Software

Display Wall Management Software

D-WALL Software is specially designed for customers to manage Mitsubishi Electric display systems in command and control rooms.

System image

Real Time Image Processor

Mitsubishi Electric's VC-MK4000 system is the ideal solution for mission-critical command & control rooms.

System image


High-resolution Output

VC-MK4000 displays images with superb resolution up to WUXGA (1920x1200) for computer signals, and up to 1080P (1920x1080) for video signals.

No Dropped Frames (Real-time)

Thanks to the dedicated and ultrahigh-bandwidth bus system installed in the VC-MK4000, images are displayed without any dropped frames (real-time). The number of windows and type of signal (RGB or video) do not affect the refresh rate of original pictures.

Use 24/7, 365 Days per Year for Mission Critical Applications

With hot-swappable redundant power supplies and input/output boards, the VC-MK4000 can operate continuously without downtime in the case of component failure. It is also equipped with hot-swappable redundant cooling fans that have a fan control system (the average life time for each cooling fan is 100,000 hours).

Board slot

8 slots are available for each output or input.

input/output boards

In case of a failure, input/output boards can be replaced without stopping operation.

redundant power supplies

2 power supplies are equipped. In case of a failure, 1 power supply can be replaced without stopping operation.
VC-MK4000 can function with ony 1 power supply if necessary.

Constantly Up-to-date, Powerful Base Computer

In addition to the VC-MK4000 picture windows, for customers who prefer to work with a visible operating system, Mitsubishi Electric recommends an up-to-date, powerful base computer* tailored to customer needs. When the time comes to improve the total performance of a display wall system, this base computer section can be upgraded at less cost (no need to exchange the VC-MK4000).

Computer/Server with output graphic cards
D-WALL Software

The D-WALL Software manages all aspects of setup, configuration, and daily use of VC-MK4000 and Mitsubishi Electric's display wall products. The software consists of 2 components, Server and Client. The D-WALL Server software controls all the devices in the display wall system including the Base Computer, and D-WALL Client can be installed in operator computers providing operators with an integrated, intuitive and reliable user interface.

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