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Seventy Series Tech. “Smart 7”

The LED option for Seventy Series display wall line up has environmentally friendly design, flexible electronic setting and extremely long life time to realize more efficient and lower running cost operations for customers.


Our Seventy Series LED display wall systems are designed to require minimal maintenance and adjustment. Long-term, trouble-free operation is assured in command and control room environments 24/7 by advanced technologies including:

Wide Color Range with RGB LEDs

The LED light source (equipped with RGB each individual LED) offers a much wider range of color reproduction, allowing a larger array of vivid colors to be used for the icons and symbols frequently used in command and control rooms. This ultimately makes it easier for command and control room operators to share information.

Color Space Control

The brightness and color of all the individual cube modules in a display wall can be adjusted together, dramatically reducing the time needed for installation and setup.

Digital Gradation Circuit

The brightness of each individual display wall cube module is automatically adjusted for optimal brightness uniformity from edge to edge across the multi-screen display wall configuration.

Selectable Operational Modes

Equipped with an original LED power control circuit, each display wall cube can be set to operate in one of several power modes. As a result, command and control room operators can select the brightness according to the environment and use.

Multiple Picture Setting

Mitsubishi Electric LED display wall cubes have multiple picture settings, giving customers the freedom to choose the best setting according to the application and content being displayed. Optimized Color is best for reproducing natural-looking colors, Vivid Color realizes more striking colors in icons/symbols, and Low Color Temperature is ideal for backdrop applications in broadcasting studios.

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Modular and Upgradable

With its modular concept, the Seventy Series LED display wall system is feature-packed and totally customizable to match a customer's exactrequirements. Available screen sizes include 50", 60", 67" and 80" for 4:3 models. For the wide-format models, there are 62" (16:10), 70" (16:9) and 72" (16:10). The cabinets and screens are the same for both XGA and SXGA+ resolutions, requiring less capital investment for upgrading.

Cabinet Options
4:3 Models: 50" / 60" / 67" / 80" (SXGA+) Available
Wide Models: 62" (WUXGA) / 70" (Full HD) / 72" (WUXGA) Available
Front or Rear Access
(80" is rear access only)
Cabinet Options Cabinet Options Cabinet Options
Engine Options
Resolution (WUXGA, Full HD, SXGA+ or XGA)
  Engine Options Engine Options
Screen Options
Black Stripe (Sharp & Bright Images), Cross Lenticular (Bright Images & Wide Viewing Angle) or Black Bead (Wide Viewing Angle)
Screen Options    
Model Screen size (inches) Resolution Front access
Full HD
62WE 62 X        
62WEF 62 X       X
72WE 72 X        
72WEF 72 X       X
70HE 70   X      
70HEF 70   X     X
50PE 50     X    
50PEF 50     X   X
60PE 60     X    
60PEF 60     X   X
67PE 67     X    
67PEF 67     X   X
80PE 80     X    
50XE 50       X  
50XEF 50       X X
60XE 60       X  
60XEF 60       X X
67XE 67       X  
67XEF 67       X X
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Selectable Option Boards

The display wall engine has 3 option board slots. The variety of selectable input boards enable flexible configuration to suit a customer's exact requirements.

DVI×1 (OUT), DVI×1(IN)
RGB Analog×1(IN) and Video×1(IN)
VC-B70DC Selectable Option Boards
RGB Analog×2(IN)
GenLock×1 (IN)
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Screen Options

A number of screen options are available, including Mitsubishi Electric's proprietary high gain "black-stripe" anti-glare screen, middle gain cross lenticular screen and low gain black bead screen designed for control room applications.

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Internal Processing

Using no external processor, 4 windows for video, DVI/VGA or SDI can be shown on each display wall cube module (6 windows if there is no ‘desktop’ image).
Large windows can be distributed across a display wall using a daisy chain card or by signal distribution. The user-friendly graphical interface of the D-Wall Software Site controls the windows and wall layout.

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Dynamic Color Control and Brightness Balancing

Each display wall cube module has 3 built-in sensors (R/G/B) and an autonomous brightness and color balancing system. No external computer is necessary for adjustment. The sensors continually monitor the brightness and color, sharing the data with adjacent units to automatically adjust overall performance to achieve extremely accurate color balance and brightness over the entire display wall.

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Easy Setup

Front Access Cubes

Mitsubishi Electric's “Genuine Front Access” LED display wall cube lineup are available for all inch sizes except for 80".

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Virtually Maintenance-free

A LED light source has an average service life that is approximately 10 times longer than that of conventional ultrahigh-pressure mercury lamps. Combined with the 100,000hr, ultralong service life of our fans, the average service life of Mitsubishi Electric LED display wall cubes is close to 10 years, even when operated 24/7.

*Service life figures not guaranteed.

Air Cooling System for LED Light Source

The system has an optimal airflow path and cooling module design that are perfectly matched to the characteristics of the LED light source.


*The cooling module consists of a highly efficient cooling pipe and aluminum plate.


The LED light source eliminates the use of mercury, and thus helps to preserve the environment. At the same time, the Eco mode setting contributes to lower power consumption and CO2 emissions than display wall cubes that use a conventional ultrahigh-pressure mercury lamp.

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Smart Switch

The Seventy Series ‘Smart Switch’ function delivers the signal redundancy required for mission critical command and control room operations. If a signal is unexpectedly lost, the display cube module automatically switches to an alternate signal source within seconds, greatly minimizing downtime.

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