High-speed Hand Dryer

The Jet Towel is finding use in a wide variety of facilities where a high level of hygiene is critical, including food-processing plants, hotels, supermarkets and all types of business facilities. Its cost-effective operation and environmentally friendly design afford operators and users alike with a number of distinct advantages.

User benefits

Dries hands only three to four seconds, or about a tenth of the time required by conventional warm-air blower type dryers, and considerably faster than other high-speed type models. Users can completely dry their hands and be on their way in a flash.


A slim design blends form and function, with the front panel angled gently outward to allow the user to stand comfortably and naturally when inserting the hands into the trough. The open sides of the trough also allow for easier access. Great care has been taken to angle the air nozzles and position the sensors so as to prevent any water from splashing upward.

Operator benefits

After installation, the only cost factor is electrical power, which makes the Jet Towel comparatively cheaper to operate than paper-towel dispensers or cloth towel racks.


No treatment

Antimicrobial treatment

The opening and parts that come into contact with water (such as the drain hose and tank) are made of an antimicrobial resin. An inorganic silver compound is bound into the surface layer to increase the longevity of the antimicrobial effect over and above typical expectations. Built-in alcohol resistance makes it easy to keep clean. Waste water is stored in a tank for easy and convenient disposal. (This is preferable to hand dryers that turn waste water into a mist for direct release into the room, thus potentially encouraging the growth of unsightly and foul-smelling fungi on floor and wall surfaces.)

Clean and easy to maintain

As the waste water from hands is collected in the unit’s drain tank, the floor and surrounding surfaces stay clean and dry. There is nothing to refill or replace (unlike paper and cloth towel dispensers), and no waste paper to pile up or dispose of. The unit itself is designed for optimum ease of maintenance.