High-speed Hand Dryer

Environmental factor

Low impact, less waste

In terms of environmental impact, the High-speed Hand Dryer is an attractive alternative to paper towels, which -- although typically made from recycled paper --  promote litter and considerable waste.

Volume of paper towels that can be made from a single tree

A tree eight meters (26 feet) in height and 14 centimeters (5-1/2 inches) in diameter can be processed into 20,000 paper towels with a thickness of 0.088 millimeters (0.035 inches), equivalent to two months' supply (assuming that two towels are used each time, and that the dispenser is used 200 times per day).

A typical company in a 10-story building

A typical company in a 10-story building uses some 320,000 paper towels per month. If the waste paper were piled up, it would total 28 meters (92 feet) per month, or 336 meters (1102 feet) per year -- or the height of an 80-story building!