Dry in an instant - no fuss, no mess

Mitsubishi Electric's high-speed hand dryer "Jet Towel" dries hands completely in a matter of seconds using "jet blasts" of air on each side of the hand. Ever since Mitsubishi Electric developed the world's first forced-air hand dryer in 1993, it continues gaining popularity worldwide at hotels, restaurants, shopping centers and other facilities. The energy-efficient, low-noise high-speed hand dryer brings a new level of convenience and satisfaction to customers while saving on operational costs.


Dries hands in seconds

A powerful brushless motor drives "jet blasts" of air at 382km/h over the back and front of the hands, completely drying them in only three to four seconds.

Low Noise

Noise-suppression technology

Jet Towel Slim's New Wave-shaped nozzles and innovative aerodynamic technologies minimize air current turbulence, reducing 56dB


Clean and hygienic

As there is no need to make physical contact with any part of the Jet Towel, clean hands stay that way. And with no paper towels to generate litter, washrooms remain neat and tidy. Key surfaces of the dryer have an antimicrobial treatment to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.


Economical operation

With only electrical power to pay for, running costs are lower than for paper-towel dispensers. The brushless motor, which incorporates Mitsubishi Electric's industry-leading energy-efficiency technology, keeps power consumption low.

High-speed Hand Dryer