The High-speed Hand Dryer combines a stylish design, convenience, cost-performance, and new wave-shaped nozzles for a satisfyingly quick and quiet user experience. Two models are available: one equipped with a heater for extra comfort and speed; a heater-less model with reduced power consumption.

Slim TypeMini TypeSmart Type
Rapid dryingUser friendlyHygienic designLong service lifeEasy Maintenance
Industry top-class drying performance

Mitsubishi Electric's proven Dual Jet engineering is now complemented with a streamlined nozzle design that provides an optimum balance between airflow rate and air volume, further enhancing efficiency and drying hands in a matter of seconds.

*1: JT-SB216JSH2 (High, Heater ON)

*2: Drying time: When the remaining water is 50mg/hand.

Drying time*3: Approx. 9~12sec Airflow rate: 106m/sec Air volume: 3.1m3/min (JT-SB216JSH2)
New Wave Nozzle 2.0

The patented wave nozzle has been further improved. Developed from fluid control technology, sound-causing turbulence has been further decreased, achieving a large 2dB reduction in noise.

Previous model

New model

Air-speed and Heater Setting Switches Included

There is a choice of two airflow speeds: "High" for prioritized drying and "Standard" for low-noise operation. The heater can be switched on or off (JT-SB216JSH2 only).

*The setting switches are located inside the main unit, and can only be set at the time of installation.

Mode Drying time*1 Operating noise*2 Power consumption
HIGH Approx. 9~11sec. Approx. 59dB 1240W
STANDARD Approx. 11~13sec. Approx. 56dB 1070W

*1 When the remaining water is 50mg/hand
*2 JT-SB216JSH2 used with heater turned on and at factory default settings. Measurements performed in an anechoic chamber at a distance of 2m.

High-speed Hand Dryer